25 Oct, 2014


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Abenaki's bulldogge takes rsservations only with a non-refundable deposit of 500,00$ CA.

When you choose a puppy you have 48 hours to make your deposit after that the puppy will become available for sale.

If for any reason the puppy coul'd be hand to the buyer the deposit will be refunf immediatly.

Contact us for more informations:

Telephone: 819-602-0149
Mobile Phone Number: 819-695-0982

Sale's conditions

All buyers of  a puppy from Abenaki's Bulldogge: whether as a pet or breeding take the engagement to:

  • To have the puppy examine by a veterinarian within a week after buying the puppy;
  • Respect the basic standards on vaccination either at 3 and 4 months and annually thereafter;
  • Give good quality food (we highly recommend Royal Canin) in adequate quantities.

Abenaki Bulldogge's take the engagement to:

  • Provide a healthy puppy that has not inherited defect that can be life-threatening and showing no symptoms of infectious disease before and / or at the time of purchasing the puppy;
  • Provide puppy microchipped and registered with IOEBA;
  • Medical treatment provided, vaccination around the age of 7 weeks and 2 worming;
  • Provide a 5 year warranty on diseases known as congenital defects that can impair the functioning of the dog including hip dysplasia and elbow. To take advantage of itswarranty owner will provide X-rays or ultrasound (depending on the event) certifying the presence of said anomaly and the veterinarian's report certifying the illness. To take advantage of the guarantee against dysplasia (hip or elbow) the owner will keep the dog at an ideal weight. There is evidence that obesity in dogs is often related to the articulation's problem.
  • A negligence, lack of respecting any part of this contract, a delay to inform Abenaki's Bulldogge of any difficulty, voids the warranty.
  • A change of ownership cancels the contract.
  • In case of death of the animal for any reason covered by this warranty, the dog owner will be offer a puppy of equal quality when one will be available.
    Abenaki's Bulldogge lmay also decide whether it is possible to have the animal be treated by his own veterinarian paying not more the the inital purchase price of the dog.
  • In case of death of the animal, the owner must prove by an examination and by an autopsy that death is a case covered by our warranty.  Costs related to veterinary diagnostics are paid by the owner of the dog.

                  Josée Paillé 

              Abenaki's bulldogge

Shipping and delivery


We ship by Air Canada cargo or West Jet.

Shipping cost should be between 300$ and 500$ CA.(including airplane and pet crate)

This amount will be add to the initial price for the puppy.

In some rare occasions the buyer may have to pay extra fees if the puppy need to be take care of. This could append if the plane can't land  and/or the trip takes more the 12 hours.



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